Emma Keene

Emma Keene
Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist
MA, psych, UKCP 

Emma provides a welcoming, contained and confidential space where children and their families can feel safe and held and can think about their difficulties, experiences and feelings with acceptance and understanding and without judgment.   Her work with children and adolescents can be provided either through talking or a more creative approach using music, paints, drawing, sand and a range of toys. 

Emma’s way of working includes regular supports and space to think carefully with parents.  She also works closely with the wider network if necessary including teachers, support workers or CAMHS if involved. 

Emma provides either long term or short term psychotherapy, dependent on the needs of the child or the family. 

Emma worked within an NHS adolescent psychiatric unit supporting children and adolescents with anxiety disorders.  She also worked in a London hospital for three years within a specialised paediatric clinic and also a young adult’s outpatient unit.  

For the past four years Emma has been based at a large inner London primary school were she provides long term, weekly psychotherapy to children who are experiencing a wide range of complex difficulties.   

  “I believe wholeheartedly that no child or parent should ever feel alone with their difficulties.  I am extremely dedicated and passionate about the work I do. Psychotherapy is a challenging yet healing journey which I embark on alongside the children and families that I feel privileged to work with.”  

 Qualifications: MA, psych, UKCP 

 Specialities: Anxiety Disorders; obsessive compulsive disorder, somatisation, depression, trauma and Autism Spectrum Disorder, families struggling with illness or bereavement.  





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