Mother of an 8 year old boy

As my son comes to the end of his therapy with Gemma, I know that we were very lucky to find her. I am deeply grateful that our paths crossed.

We had not had any personal recommendation to go on, which is one reason why I wanted to write this recommendation. After several years of living abroad, I was concerned that my son would experience difficulties in adjusting to a new school in the UK, as he does not cope well with change. The years away from the UK had been difficult for him, he had never really settled in a different school system and he had been frequently in trouble at school. I contacted The Therapeutic Consultants after surfing for ideas of ways to help him adjust to his new environment. I had no idea whether the therapy could help him, but I thought I should at least try something.

Gemma has not only helped my son to adjust to his new environment, championing his cause with us, his parents, and acting as an interpreter of his needs. She has done this but she has also done much more. I could not have imagined that his ability to reflect on his own conduct and its implications could mature and develop to such a radical degree. I am not really sure how she has done it, but it has been an extraordinary transformation. He started off by being willing to speak to her and seemed to enjoy it, after a short time he was returning home much calmer after his session and after several months he really underwent a dramatic transformation in the way he saw situations of conflict at home and at school. He has learned to exercise control and to choose when to take issue with other people and when to hold back. He is really reflective now whereas before he was reactive. Gemma has supported us all throughout this process, never judging us but always helping us to develop a better basis for our relationships.

I am really glad that we underwent this process because it has put my son in a far stronger place to face his own future, to make his own decisions and to think about who he is and how he wants people to see him.


Parents of a nine year old boy

We worked ith Emma when we were experiencing difficulties with our nine year old son and cannot recommend her highly enough. Her warmth, sensitivity and nuanced observations were outstanding; our family dynamic improved considerably within a relatively short period of time and it was clear that our son trusted her completely.



Simply put, Ryan made me gain my confidence back. She explained things that i knew in a way I had not really thought of and made them clearer. She gave us tools to help us deal with these issues. At all times she was clear, precise, thoughtful, gentle and brilliant. I could not recommend her more.


Jonathan Harris, Psychotherapist/Tutor

Ryan has graced us with her tremendous experience as a therapist, supervisor and tutor... Ryan is practically unflappable, able to retain her clinical balance in many trying and testing situations as they have arisen over the years... Ryan's good humour, spontaneity and creativity have been an enormous asset to us, inexplicably bringing to us both a light touch and gravitas at the same time.


Zoe Dewe-Matthews, Integrative Child Psychotherapist

Ryan is a very supportive, encouraging and enthusiastic supervisor, sharing my passion for the work, and my empathy for the clients.


Linda Manning, Integrative Child Psychotherapist

Ryan was a wonderul supervisor.  I work with children in care and felt held and contained by Ryan’s experience, interest and enthusiasm.


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