Zuzana Majdiakova

Zuzana Majdiakova
Child Psychotherapist and Autism Consultant
MA, Mgr

Zuzana is an Integrative Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist and an advanced practitioner in DIR-Floortime with background in therapeutic education and play work.  She offers therapeutic play consultations to families with children with autism, attachment difficulties and conditions related to early trauma.

Zuzana has been working with children in a wide range of childcare, educational and therapeutic roles over the last 20 years in the Czech Republic and the UK (music tutor, primary school teacher, therapeutic play worker, nursery practitioner, baby and toddler group facilitator, special needs nanny, Son Rise facilitator, Floortime practitioner and child psychotherapy trainee). She has a creative mind and specific interest in developmental and relational therapeutic approaches that look closely at the body–mind connection. Her aim is to offer therapeutic intervention that is tailored to each child’s and families’ unique needs and circumstances.

Her interest in early multidisciplinary intervention and holistic therapeutic use of play led her to becoming a DIR-Floortime practitioner over 5 years ago. Zuzana has been supporting children with autism and related conditions in their home and school environment, working closely with parents and other professionals involved. She is committed to developing her therapeutic skills and consults her work in a unique cooperation of an international multidisciplinary team mentored by leading professionals in the field. She is also closely cooperating with the UK’s largest DIR-Floortime promoter, CTC Autism.

Zuzana has worked at Place to Be, Kids Co and several independent pre-school settings and schools for children with behavioural, emotional, speech and communication difficulties.


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